R recipes

ID Date Description Link
ES_SAV_001 2018-08-22 Saevaron project | create hourly PSDs for full monitoring period analyse_psd_full_period.R
ES_SAV_002 2018-08-27 Saevaron project | digitise water levels (or any other coordinates) from digital time lapse cameras digitise_water_levels.R
ES_HVG_001 2019-03-15 Hochvogel project | screen seismic files (Cube and SAC) for time coverage and logger setup parameers screen_seismic_files.R
ES_HVG_002 2019-09-05 Hochvogel project | correct file name time stamp in mseed file snippets and re-save as SAC files correct_mseed_files.R
ES_HVG_003 2019-09-05 Hochvogel project | merge short seismic signals snippets into hourly files and interpolate data gaps merge_files_hourly.R